Introducing Zoomi™

Synchronizing Learning and Performance

If you’re ready to join the corporate learning revolution, look no further –
we’re proud to introduce Zoomi.

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Predictive + Adaptable + Social

Say Hello to Zoomi Dashboard™

Keen and Actionable Insight into Learner
Behavior Through an Intuitive Dashboard

Zoomi doesn’t require data science prerequisites in order to understand the powerful analytics
provided through the Zoomi Dashboard – only the desire to build a smarter organization.

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Zoomi for Business

The Only Cure for the
'Corporate Learning as Usual' Mentality

Promote performance-driven results that meet, or exceed, increasingly
rigorous global regulation and market demand.

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Zoomi is an unprecedented predictive analytics eLearning platform designed to optimize individual and organizational performance. Heralding the next generation of learning tools, Zoomi brings analytical rigor to learning and development, and delivers on the promise of synchronizing training investment with business outcomes.

We All Learn Differently

Zoomi Dynamically Adapts Content for You


Each individual has their own personalized way they assimilate educational content.  Zoomi understands that by tracking, measuring and learning your unique process in order to deliver custom accommodations suited to your preferences, ultimately speeding the overall learning process, enhancing revenue outcomes, reducing overall cost, and mitigating corporate risk.


Three Technology Solutions

Expertly Designed to Make Training Better


The Zoomi team of industry-leading engineers, developers and designers have created a scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that recognizes learner preferences, and dynamically adapts content to meet their needs – instead of shoe horning instructional content that may, or more frequently may not, be the right fit.

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Organizational Success is Rooted in Learner Performance

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Zoomi for Business

Fortify Your Workforce, Reduce Risk, and Maintain Compliance


The global marketplace is one of the most highly regulated and competitive spaces.  As such, your workforce should be prepared and knowledgeable to handle anything put in front of them. The increased demand for innovative products and services from consumers, regulatory bodies and competitors is rapidly evolving the business landscape and, therefore, the need for effective, measurable and meaningful training has become a necessity, for business growth, compliance and sustainability.


By introducing Zoomi to your corporate learning ecosystem, your employees will gain the skills necessary to adapt to the ever-changing global business landscape and be prepared to meet growing client and regulatory agency demands, all through the dynamic delivery of strategically designed course content.

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Zoomi for Higher Education

Learning is No Longer a Linear, Evaluation-based, One-Size-Fits-All Activity


The 21st century classroom is a very different place.  More than ever, learners expect a highly customizable, technologically unique and ‘specific-to-them’ educational experience; while instructors require more dynamic reporting, innovative content delivery methods, and a more optimized teaching experience.  When educational institutions implement an elearning solution, individual learning paths are typically based solely on quiz and test results, and rarely do they see an improvement in student satisfaction, improvement or performance.  Zoomi is here to change that.


By introducing Zoomi to your institutional learning ecosystem, your school will promote performance-driven results that meet or exceed student and instructor expectations, improve overall performance, and predict classroom results, more accurately than any other LMS on the market today.


Zoomi for K-12

Zoomi Makes Learning Fun, Teaching Effective and Outcomes Extraordinary


With Zoomi for K-12, learning becomes fun and engaging.  The classroom transforms into an engaging and captivating portal, unique to each student, capturing imaginations and activating a customized and adaptable learning experience unlike anything else in the K-12 LMS market today.
By introducing Zoomi in your classrooms, teachers can easily identify which students are struggling to learn material, as well as which students demonstrate behaviors characteristic of learning leaders, all through the use of Zoomi’s proprietary algorithms.


Zoomi for Private Tutoring

Engaging Course Delivery and Adaptation Meets Highest Standard of Tutor Reporting


Gain the competitive edge and improve learner performance with Zoomi for private tutors.  Zoomi captures fine-granular behavioral data which, when coupled with Zoomi’s proprietary machine-learning algorithms, adapts educational content in real-time to allow for a completely customizable learning experience.


By introducing Zoomi to your tutoring routine, you can easily adapt course content and delivery to meet the strengths and weaknesses of your clients.  Additionally, Zoomi offers an unparalleled reporting mechanism, delivered via Zoomi Dashboard, which provides parents with a visualization of their child’s progress, learning style and proficiencies.



Zoomi Player™

Fine-Granular Behavorial Data

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Zoomi Dashboard™

Keen and Actionable Insight

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Zoomi Engine™

Optimal Learning Pathways

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